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We are informing you about the deadline at the lending.  
Renewal can be asked in person at the lending desk, in telephone, via e-mail or can be done online via the catalogue or the Renewing online service on the website. 
The barcode of the reader's card is needed in any case. 
We always answer the e-mails in which renewal is asked. 

Online renewal:

1. On the site of Patron data in the online catalogue OR on the Renewing online box of the library's website type your reader's card's barcode and your password (basically the password is your date of birth as a 4 digit number. For example, if you were born on January 31st, your password is 0131).

2. Put a tick in the row of the document you want to renew then click on the Renew selected text under the list. If you want to renew all the documents you borrowed, click on Renew all.

Check the new deadline in every case!

If a deadline cannot be renewed, the document may:

  • be reserved by someone OR
  • already be renewed once OR
  • be overdue. No other transaction can be done until overdue documents are taken back and overdue fee is paid.